Automation for Dealmakers: VDR Technology

The portal for business partners will be useful for almost any company, but some features indicate that the system will show the most noticeable result in your case. Take a look at how the VDR technology is used in automation for dealmakers in the article below.

How Virtual Data Room Technology Can Be Applied to Dealmakers?

Attracting and retaining dealers is one of the most important areas of work for a manufacturing and trading company. An extensive and efficient dealer network is a stable income for the company and a serious advantage in the eyes of consumers. However, it often happens that an increase in the number of dealers entails not only additional profit but also an increase in the staff of the sales department, who, in the old-fashioned way, take bulk orders by phone and e-mail and process them manually. The cost of such organization of work is high; the process is not effective.

The virtual data room technology is responsible for dealmakers’ automation because:

  • The VDR technology creates high-tech and unparalleled solutions that allow you to control possible leaks of confidential information: corporate documents, personal data, trade secrets, unique developments, and sensitive information for projects of any scale.
  • VDR technology is based on a patented invisible marking algorithm that allows you to create unique copies of the display of information for each user during any interaction (opening a document, sending it to print or sending it to third parties by email, etc.).
  • All company solutions are aimed at labeling, identifying the source in case of information leakage, and providing a preventive effect on contractors and employees of the organization.

The Main Tools for Interacting with Dealers: Care, Automation, and Control

The dealmakers’ portal is the main communication channel between all dealers of your company and management. This is an interface that contains everything you need to automate collaboration – from a database with current products to training materials for newly connected distributors. This is a platform that allows you to build a transparent and clear sales system that will suit not only large players but also medium and small businesses.

A good personal account works on the principle of “one window”: in one place, the dealer makes and pays for an order, receives documents, downloads catalogs, learns about new products, looks through the history of orders, and communicates with technical support – performs the actions that usually occur through a manager or by mail. If dealers place orders through the cabinet, it will be easy for you to track what product they buy and how it is then sold. At any time, you can find out what stage the task is at, what status the document is in, and collect task performance statistics for different time periods.

The tools of the virtual data room for automation of the work of dealmakers is also responsible for:

  1. Improving Efficiency.
  2. Balancing the budget model of the company.
  3. Increasing flexibility and adaptability to change.
  4. Risk identification and mitigation.
  5. Reducing the time of preparation of contracts and their approval.
  6. Prevention of theft and theft.
  7. Justification of the company’s expenses.
  8. Reducing the number of employees by optimizing processes.
  9. Elimination of errors when selling products at the wrong price.
  10. Not only coordination but also real process management.
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